How to Get the Manufacturer Information of a Machine

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This article will show how to get an information which is the name of the manufacturer of a machine. The information itself is a valuable information though. By executing several command, that information will appear. There are various ways or methods for retrieving the information about the manufacturer of a machine. The following are lists of commands considered to be those ways or methods to get that information.


The first one is the ‘lshw’ command. It is a command where the main function according to the manual page it is to list hardware. Since it can print the list of the hardware exist in the machine, it can also print the manufacturer of the machine.  The following is the pattern of the command to get that information :


lshw -C system | grep vendor

The following is the execution of the above command pattern :

user@hostname ~# lshw -C system | grep vendor
    vendor: xxxxxxx          
user@hostname ~# 


The next one is a command where the main page informs that it act as a dumping tool for its computer DMI where it stands as Desktop Management Interface. Some other sources may refer it as SMBIOS that stands for System Management BIOS. It has a table contents where it will display system hardware information in a human-readable format using the dmidecode command.

root@hostname ~# dmidecode -t system | grep Manufacturer
    Manufacturer: xxxxxxxxxxx
root@hostname ~# 


Another valuable command for printing the information of the manufacturer is using ‘inxi’ tool command. According to the main page of the manual, inxi is a command line system information script for console and IRC. It shows information in a brief form so that specific information is available for providing the necessary one quickly. The following is the command for displaying the manufacturer information using ‘inxi’ command by presenting the pattern first :

inxi -M | grep System

The above command pattern execution is available below for an example :

user@hostname:~$ inxi -M | grep System:
Machine:   Device: laptop System: xxxxxxxx product: xxxxxxxxxxx v: xxxxxxxxxx xxxx serial: N/A

The command execution above is done in a laptop where it extracts different additional information along with the manufacturer such as the product name.

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