FreeMind Free Mind Mapping Software Installation

Freemind is a utility available in open source version. It is mainly developed for mind mapping purpose. We will start with one node which is located in the center as the main idea. It  can be developed further by adding another child nodes which contain items, data or information. Those child nodes will generally viewed as an integrated concept related with the parent node.

Freemind is written in Java and can be downloaded by the time this article is posted in 26th March 2016 in the following link.

We are going to give detail on freemind installation in Ubuntu 16.04. Basically, the installation itself involves downloading and extracting freemind and placing it in /opt directory. Below are the steps and details of installation :

  1. Download freemind in the following link.

We can get freemind by downloading it without any java bundling. But we have to make sure that the prerequisite which is needed for freemind to be executed properly is available. One of the most important thing is availability of java program or java runtime environment to be more specific. Assuming that we already know the direct link to download freemind, first of all, in every UNIX or Linux Distribution which has any download utilities such as ‘wget’, we can get freemind by executing the following command :

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Displaying Configuration or Source Code Script in WordPress Article

WordPress is one of the framework or web-based software available to create blogs, websites or any other web-based applications.

There any many kinds of blogs, websites or some other web-based application run using WordPress as their engine. Off course, different topics, subject or niche of the web itself different need also rise to fulfill the requirement to post different content. For an example, if we are having our websites discuss on information technology subject, such as posting configuration, snippet code or any other related things which has the same purpose or context we have to consider on posting it in the article without being considered as script which can be executed as part of the web application itself.

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Checking Ubuntu Version

Check Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu is one of several Linux distribution which is quite famous and has lots of users whom prefer to use it in their desktop, workstation and even on their server.

But how do you actually check the current version of a running Ubuntu Linux Distribution ?, we are going to show it by executing command below :

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Checking Redmine Version

Checking Redmine Version

Redmine is well known for its feature to be used in as a management project. It is a web-based application which is very flexible.

When we want to know the version of the running redmine in our system, we are going to explain it below. The way to search the version of the running redmine is only explained for redmine which is installed in Ubuntu Linux Distribution :

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Configuring WordPress SEO-Friendly Permalink

WordPress is one of the famous web-based software which can be used to create website, blogs or any web-based apps. It is free and it can be used and modified based on the needs of user.

To be able to increase the amount of visitor in order  to reach our website which is built based on WordPress, there are some strategies which can be applied on WordPress-based web by setting the right configuration of the website itself.

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Reset User Admin Redmine

Based on the official website of Redmine in which is until this post was published in 13rd March 2016 still can be visited,  Redmine itself is defined as a flexible project management web application.

To be able to access several features in an already installed redmine which is in this case is in your local computer, we can try to access it by normally typing http://localhost/redmine. The URL is assumed when you are installing redmine in a default installation. Below is the preview of the page :


As stated before, to be able to access several features available in redmine, we have to sign in first. It can be done by clicking the Sign in link in the right top of the default page as shown below :


By clicking the Sign in link, we will have the login page is being displayed as follows :


Sometime when we want to access the login page itself, it ends to a condition when we cannot even access redmine so it will generate error message like “Invalid user or password” as follows :


Below is the steps which can be followed to restore the admin user with the following conditions :

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