Install LAMPP on CentOS 7 via Command Line

To solve a problem which is caused by the unsupported version of PHP toward an old web-based application built on Code Igniter version 1.7.1 besides the alternatives of using docker to provide application container running Apache Webserver that utilize PHP library which support Code Igniter version 1.7.1 is using a portable LAMPP.

Using LAMPP with the suitable PHP version will permit Apache Webserver to render the web-based application powered by Code Igniter version 1.7.1 properly. Below are the steps of doing it :

1. ┬áBefore the installation of LAMPP is started, it can be retrieved by downloading the installer package in below in XAMPP Linux version’s official download page :

The chosen file of LAMPP is After successfully finished downloading the file, execute the following command to modify it so that it is executable :

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