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  2. How to get category post in WordPress .
  3. How to migrate WordPress from local to server .
  4. How to configure WordPress Permalink URL to be SEO Friendly .
  5. How to print source code or configuration in WordPress article .
  6. How to increase maximum file upload size in WordPress Media Manager .
  7. How to configure WordPress locally for further update .


How to resolve NO_ZERO_DATE error message upon restoring WordPress’ MySQL Database .

How to get category post in WordPress

This article’s writing is specified on how to get the category post available in WordPress-based website. If there is a requirement or an urgent matter regarding on retrieving all those article which has been posted specifically their categories and store it in a file for an example a CSV file, it can be done easily.

So, in the context of this article, it will be done by executing specific query to the database which is used by the WordPress’ based website. In this article, the method used is by executing the query on MySQL Command Console. It can also be done using another method such as accessing the database by using some kind of MySQL Editor application or a web-based tool such as PHPMyadmin. The most important things are the query for extracting categories of the posts can be executed properly.

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Migrating WordPress based Website

Server   Operating System            : Any operating system available

WordPress Version                       : 4.5

Webserver Engine                       : Any Webserver engine will be fine as long as it supports PHP for server-side scripting.

Migrating WordPress-based Website

If you want to migrate your website which is based on WordPress platform from one host to another or even from your local PC to your hosted server, there are steps which is needed to be done before your WordPress based installation website can be viewed normally. The steps are detailed below :

  1. First of all, copy all of the source code of your website in your target location. It can be a PC, laptop or even your own personal server. Be sure that you have already setup your own Web Server such as Apache Web Server, Microsoft IIS or even any utilities available as a package of Web Server, Database Server, etc such as XAMPP.

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NO_ZERO_DATE Error on Restoring WordPress MySQL Database

Operating System               : Ubuntu Linux Xenial Xerus (16.04)

Database                             : MySQL 5.7.12

Problem :

In the middle of restoring a MySQL dump script file for WordPress web-based site, suddenly the process stop. Below is the error which is displayed in the middle of database restore process :

username@hostname:~# mysql -uroot -p wordpress_dbname < /location_path_of_mysql/mysql_dump_file_name.sql
mysql: [ERROR] unknown variable 'sql_mode=NO_ZERO_DATE'

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Local Installed WordPress Configuration for Further Install or Update

Platform Web    : WordPress 4.5.2

Platform OS        : Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)

Text file Editor   : vim

Basically, the installation and the configuration process of web powered by WordPress can be done locally. Depends on the goal or purpose of doing locally, many developers, testers, designers whom are working with WordPress as the main framework of the web will start doing their job on a secluded area of development either in their local PC, laptop or internal server.

Tolerating on making mistakes, trial and error and even redesign or rebuild the already deployed web-based WordPress from the start. It is an advantage of doing it locally and specifically intended for development purpose.

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Increasing WordPress Media Manager Upload File Size

Server   Operating System            : CentOS 7

WordPress Version                         : 4.5

Webserver Engine                           : Apache Webserver

Increasing Upload File Size in WordPress Media Manager

There are several preparations which is needed to be done. The preparations itself can be divided into two kinds of type as follows :

  1. Preparation in the Server
    1. Edit file php init configuration script

      We have to get an access to the php init script so we can define several parameters in order to upload file with a certain size number. Depends on the system operating itself, the location of the php init script are different. In this case, in CentOS 7 we can get it at /etc/php.ini

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