How to install npm

This is an article written just to show how to install npm. Basically the installation executed in the command line interface where the npm installed will be intended to be executed in the Linux operating system. Basically the installation of ‘npm’ itself is actually performed using a command executed in the terminal or any command line interface.

In an operating system based on Ubuntu Linux for an example, the installation is actually done by using a command executed in a command line interface. For a start, there is a certain command that can be executed to check whether an utiltiy called npm has already been installed or not. It can be retrieved from an information in an article titled ‘Ubuntu Search Installed Packages’ which exist in this link .

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Openstack Cheat Sheet Command Page

This is a cheat sheet command page for everything related to Openstack Virtualization Server.

Create a New Image of Openstack with the format of qcow2 using available qcow2 image

openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --file qcow_image_file protected --public new_qcow_image_file


How to show Local Git Repository Configuration

This is an article where the purpose of the writing is defined in the title of this article which is informing on how to show local git repository configuration. Showing the configuration of the existing local git repository configuration is very useful. The usage among of the other is retrieving the information of the user which is used to communicate with another say for an example a remote git repository.

Below is the command which can be performed in order to list or to display the git local repository configuration :

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