Install Inkscape in Ubuntu 16.04

This is an article which is showing steps to install Inkscape in Ubuntu 16.04. Inkscape itself is an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) utility for image editing. First of all, to install a new package or utility of Inkscape, just do the following thing :

1. By googling first, the page containing InkScape download page can be found where it displays the following instruction on installing InkScape :

2. To reach out for the inkscape’s installer for Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (Xenial Xerus), visit the following URL link :

3. Switch into root account as shown in the command’s execution below :

user@hostname:~$ sudo su -
[sudo] password for user:

4. In the above URL, there are specific instruction on installing Inkscape. Those instructions are :


Below is the execution of the above command and also the output of the command :

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