Checking Redmine Version

Checking Redmine Version

Redmine is well known for its feature to be used in as a management project. It is a web-based application which is very flexible.

When we want to know the version of the running redmine in our system, we are going to explain it below. The way to search the version of the running redmine is only explained for redmine which is installed in Ubuntu Linux Distribution :

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Reset User Admin Redmine

Based on the official website of Redmine in which is until this post was published in 13rd March 2016 still can be visited,  Redmine itself is defined as a flexible project management web application.

To be able to access several features in an already installed redmine which is in this case is in your local computer, we can try to access it by normally typing http://localhost/redmine. The URL is assumed when you are installing redmine in a default installation. Below is the preview of the page :


As stated before, to be able to access several features available in redmine, we have to sign in first. It can be done by clicking the Sign in link in the right top of the default page as shown below :


By clicking the Sign in link, we will have the login page is being displayed as follows :


Sometime when we want to access the login page itself, it ends to a condition when we cannot even access redmine so it will generate error message like “Invalid user or password” as follows :


Below is the steps which can be followed to restore the admin user with the following conditions :

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