Checking Firewall State in Linux CentOS 7

Checking Firewall State in CentOS 7

How to make sure that you have activate firewall in your CentOS 7 which is mainly your currently used operating system in either can be your PC, laptop or server ?. Firewall function which is represented by firewalld service can actually be monitored by accessing several command.  Below is the steps :

1. First of all, you have to know that you have to make sure the firewalld service has already been installed. You can read the following link to understand the steps.

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Installing Firewall Utility in CentOS 7

Installing Firewall Utility in CentOS 7

Since CentOS 7, the mechanism for filtering incoming and outgoing packet data has been replaced. The previous version of CentOS has been utilizing iptables as the default utility to perform firewall function up to CentOS 6. But since CentOS 7, the function which is previously handled by iptables has been replaced with firewalld. It is actually a dynamic daemon responsible managing firewall tasks.

But those who prefer iptables as their utilities to administer the firewall rules can still prefer this utility by installing it with yum package manager which is used in CentOS. Although iptables still can be installed by using yum utility,it is strongly suggested to migrate by using firewalld since there are highly chance that iptables itself will be discontinued. Below is the process on installing firewalld in CentOS 7 :

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