Wildfly Cheat Sheet Command

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This page contains a cheat sheet command involving Wildfly Java Application Server. Wildfly is claimed in the official website as a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime that helps you build amazing applications. Below the command cheat sheet for operating Wildfly Application Server is presented :

Starting service

./standalone.sh &


sh standalone.sh &

Connect to Wildfly Administration Console

./jboss-cli.sh --connect


sh jboss-cli.sh --connect

Stopping service

./jboss-cli.sh --connect --command=:shutdown


sh jboss-cli.sh --connect --command=:shutdown

Display List of Datasource and Database Driver


Display Detail List Database Driver


Add MySQL Datasource

data-source add --name=my-datasource --jndi-name=java:/jdbc/db --driver-name=driver_file.jar --connection-url=jdbc:mysql://db_server_host:db_port/db_name --user-name=db_user --password=db_password

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