How to Solve Error Message global name ‘render_to_string’ is not defined

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An article with the title of  “How to Solve Error Message global name ‘render_to_string’ is not defined” basically have a clear meaning for the main purpose of the article to be written. The error itself is actually part of the error message triggered upon executing a page which is powered by Django framework. It is a page where the actual problem happened upon executing a function defined in the file named ‘’ which is part of the source code developed in Django framework. The actual error message contains “global name ‘string’ is not defined” where the focus of the error needs to be focused on the ‘string’ part which is ‘render_to_string’ in the context of this article.

The part ‘render_to_string’ itself is defined in the file named as follows :

def save_all(request, form, template_name):
    data['html_form'] = render_to_string(template_name, context, request=request)
    return JsonResponse(data)

As shown in the above snippet code which is extacted from the as part of the code assumed to cause the error message, just focus on it. The focus is the string ‘render_to_string’ which is considered as not defined. It is because the python interpreter doesn’t even recognized ‘render_to_string’ and it doesn’t even defined in the file. So, it is not a reserved keywords which might be interpreted by python interpreter nor it is an actual reserved keyword in python programming language. So, the possibility is for the string to be used is because it is part of the library or class which is provided by Django framework. Search the string carefully whether it is actually exist can be imported. Since the search process has already been executed previously, it is actually resulted on the string itself actually exist to be imported. So, in order to solve the problem for eliminating the error message, below is the definition of importing the actual ‘render_to_string’ which is added in the script :

from django.template.loader import render_to_string

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