How to Solve Error reCAPTCHA is missing

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In this article, there are steps as a complete description to solve a specific error. The mentioned error is in the title of this article. The error message is ‘reCAPTCHA is missing’. Actually, this case is happening in the step for installing DVWA application. The following is the image showing the error message :

How to Solve Error reCAPTCHA is missing


The solution is actually quite simple. Just generate the reCAPTCHA from Google. Below are all the steps for generating reCAPTCHA key :

1. Using google search engine, type the ‘google reCAPTCHA’ as the search keyword. As soon as the execution of the searching process finish, the following result will appear :

How to Solve Error reCAPTCHA is missing

2. Access the Google Recaptcha link. The following page will automatically appear :

3. Click the Admin Console button on the right top of the above in the page which exists in the above image. The following page will appear :

4. Continue the above process, click the plus sign in the top above of the page. It is useful to add a new reCAPTCHA. The following image will appear after clicking the plus sign :

5. Fill the label and choose reCAPTCHA v3 for the reCAPTCHA type as in the page in the above image :

6.  Don’t forget to fill the Domains field. It can be just a random domain just to get the reCAPTCHA key. Then scroll down and find the submit button.  After finding the submit button, click it to add a new reCAPTCHA key :

7. After submitting the page, the following page will appear :

8. In the above image, The COPY SITE KEY and also the COPY SECRET KEY actually exists. It is erased from the above image. Just copy it to the web application configuration setting. So, configuring the web application for the reCAPTCHA option is different from one another. It depends on the type of the web application. In case of DVWA, it exists in the file with the name of in the config folder.

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