Checking Alfresco Version

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Checking Alfresco Version

Based on the official site of Alfresco, it is said that Alfresco is a software which is intended for business software as an open platform. To check version of currently running Alfresco, we can do it by checking the log file which is produced by Alfresco itself. To check the log file, we can actually execute the following command so we can check currently running version of Alfresco :

grep –i “alfresco started” alfresco.log

Pattern :

grep [parameter] [keyword] [log file name]

Where grep is a command which is used to print lines matching a pattern specified in the parameter value.

-i is an additional parameter which is used for insensitive search.

The keyword is placed after the additional parameter given which is enclosed within double quotes. To be able to find alfresco’s version, we have to search keyword related with the start of the alfresco process. The keyword is “alfresco started” in this context is picked because it will also provide additional information of the already started alfresco process which is more specifically the version of alfresco.

The last parameter is the file name where we want to search the keyword pattern which is alfresco.log in this context.

Where can we find the log ?, it is actually can be found on the root  installation path of Alfresco. Supposed, we install it in /opt/alfresco-community, then the alfresco.log file location will be generated in :


So, the following will be displayed sample of the execution command and also the output sample generated by executing the command :

[username@hostname alfresco-community]# grep -i "alfresco started" alfresco.log
2016-06-13 09:30:02,849 INFO  [org.alfresco.service.descriptor.DescriptorService] [localhost-startStop-1] Alfresco started (Community). Current version: 5.2.0 (r125711-b6) schema 10,001. Originally installed version: 5.2.0 (r125711-b6) schema 10,001.
username@hostname alfresco-community]#

Try to do it by yourself and find out your currently running version of Alfresco.

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