How to Access and Login to Openstack Dashboard Page

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As seen in the title of this article, the content or the material which is going to be discussed in this article is specifically point out or focus on to explain how to access and login to Openstack Dashboard page.

Being as a virtualization technology platform or a framework specializing on how to manage virtual cloud operating system either private or public, Openstack is one of the popular platform or framework to be able to perform and to be chosen to achieve that purpose.

So, Openstack itself actually has its own Dashboard which can be accessed using any types of web browser since it is actually made in a web-based platform.

The most important thing to be done is to make sure that Openstack has already been installed and the feature for permitting access via Openstack Dashboard has also already been installed.

Below is the image displaying the front page of the Openstack Dashboard which is actually a login page where everyone must type the username and password which is allowed to access and login further into the Openstack Dashboard :

How to Access and Login to Openstack Dashboard Page
How to Access and Login to Openstack Dashboard Page

As it can be seen in the above image, it needs the suitable username and password so that the Openstack Dashboard main page can be accessed and the all the features and functionality which is provided by Openstack can be used and utilized or it can be managed based on needs.

By default, the username is ‘admin’ and the password itself is actually stored in a file named keystonerc_admin located in the server which is installed Openstack Nova Controller.

Below is the content of the file and it is normally can be found in /root/ or in the rooft user ome folder :

    export OS_USERNAME=admin
    export OS_PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    export OS_AUTH_URL=
    export PS1='[\u@\h \W(keystone_admin)]\$ '

export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
export OS_REGION_NAME=RegionOne

Just type the username : admin and the password is the one printed in the OS_PASSWORD value. If the authentication process has successfully carried out, below is the display shown presenting the home page of Openstack Dashboard :

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