Displaying List of Project in Project Explorer of Eclipse IDE

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Eclipse VersionĀ  : Eclipse Mars 2

With Eclipse Mars 2 as the Java IDE used in the development of Java based systems or applications, we will work with those systems or applications which is called project as a term used in Eclipse IDE. Below is how to display the list of project exists or maintained in our local PCs or laptops.

To be able to show it as a pane which is called the Project Explorer pane, we have to access the following menu in the Eclipse IDE : Window > Show View > Project Explorer as shown below :

Displaying Eclipse Java IDE accessing Menu Window.
Displaying Eclipse Java IDE accessing menu Window > Show View in order to display Project Explorer.

The Project Explorer which is going to be shown will be displayed in the left side of Eclipse IDE as shown in the above image.

It will then display lists of project which has already opened in the Project Explorer.

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