How to initialize and start metasploit framework in Linux Ubuntu 18.04

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This is an article primarily to show to to initialize and start metasploit for the first time. It is a continuation of the previous article in this link. Basically, that article in this link is mainly focus on the installation steps. But on the other hand, by comparing the content, it is totally different. So, below are the steps for achieving the purpose :

1. First of all,  type the following command for initializing metasploit framework. Do it in the root directory of metasploit framework  :

./msfdb init

Below is the output of the above command execution :

user@hostname:/opt/metasploit-framework$ ./msfdb init
Found a database at /home/user/.msf4/db, checking to see if it is started
Database already started at /home/user/.msf4/db
MSF web service is already running as PID 23291

2. Finally the last step, for running metasploit framework, type the following command :


Using the above command, the output of the command appears as follows :

user@hostname:/opt/metasploit-framework$ msfconsole
[-] ***rting the Metasploit Framework console...\
[-] * WARNING: No database support: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "msf"

[-] ***

.,,. .
.\$L..,,==aaccaacc%#s$b. d8, d8P
d8P #$b. BP  d888888p
d888888P      '7$\""""''^^`` .7$|D*"'```         ?88'
d8bd8b.d8p d8888b ?88' d888b8b            _.os#$|8*" d8P ?8b 88P 88P?P'?P d8b_,dP 88P d8P' ?88       .oaS###S*" d8P d8888b $whi?88b 88b d88 d8 ?8 88b 88b 88b ,88b .osS$" ?88,.d88b, d88 d8P' ?88 88P ?8b
d88' d88b 8b?8888P'?8b?88P'.aS$Q"?88' ?88 ?88 88b d88 d88 .a#$"88b  d8P  88b?8888P' ,s$"888888P'   88n      _.,,,ass;:
.a$P d88P' .,.ass%#S$ .a$###$P_.,,-aqsc#SS$

,a$###$P _.,-ass#S$####SSSS' .a$SSS$SS##==--""''^^/$ _______________________________________________________________ ,&$ _____ ll&& .;;lll&&&&' ...;;lllll&' ......;;;llll;;;.... ` ......;;;;... . . =[ metasploit v5.0.7-dev-342cc816aa ] + -- --=[ 1856 exploits - 1055 auxiliary - 327 post ] + -- --=[ 546 payloads - 44 encoders - 10 nops ] + -- --=[ 2 evasion ] msf5 >

3. As the output of the console of metasploit framework appears, the process for initializing and starting it is a success. Therefore, just start typing the available command in metasploit framework.

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