Displaying Configuration or Source Code Script in WordPress Article

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WordPress is one of the framework or web-based software available to create blogs, websites or any other web-based applications.

There any many kinds of blogs, websites or some other web-based application run using WordPress as their engine. Off course, different topics, subject or niche of the web itself different need also rise to fulfill the requirement to post different content. For an example, if we are having our websites discuss on information technology subject, such as posting configuration, snippet code or any other related things which has the same purpose or context we have to consider on posting it in the article without being considered as script which can be executed as part of the web application itself.

One of several ways to do it is by encircle our configuration script, snippet code or any other technical parts in an unique tags such as <code>, <tt> or <pre>.

But to the time I am posting this article, I prefer to use the <pre> tags. The reason why I use it because it is pretty neat and simple. Below is an example on the usage :

print "This is me doing something scriptic ... "
print "You can ignore this silly script ..."
print "I am not doing it on purpose ..."
print "Just to demonstrate how to use the tags ..."

If you don’t satisfy with it, you can find another solution by finding some other tags or use any WordPress’s plugins which offer you the ability to perform what you need.

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