Configuring WordPress SEO-Friendly Permalink

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WordPress is one of the famous web-based software which can be used to create website, blogs or any web-based apps. It is free and it can be used and modified based on the needs of user.

To be able to increase the amount of visitor in order  to reach our website which is built based on WordPress, there are some strategies which can be applied on WordPress-based web by setting the right configuration of the website itself.

One of the simplest way is to change the permalink of WordPress’based website app so that it has the highest possibility to be tracked or viewed by website visitor. Below is the sample of the configuration :


By choosing the Custom Structure radio button and changing the value in the textfield as follows :


By defining the value of the textfield as shown above, we are trying to increase the possibility of our website to be found by filtering the keyword which is typed by visitor via online-search engine. Hopefully the keyword does match with either the category or postname which is defined.

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