Introduction to HTTP Request

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This is an article which is written solely for discussing about subject specified in the title of this article which is “Introduction to HTTP Request”. As we can see, HTTP is a stateless protocol which is used to communicate between to entity which is specifically a client asking for a request and a server providing the response based on the request given. In this case, a web browser which is installed in the client acts as a medium for generating the request  to a web application server runnning on the server.

So, in summary, the HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a protocol works a request and response protocol between a client and server.  Below is the illustration which is describing the HTTP works in general :

Introduction to HTTP Request
Introduction to HTTP Request


How many request are there in HTTP actually?. Type of HTTP request which is called a HTTP request method, it is specifically defines the request type generated from the client passed to the server. Basically, the famous one is the HTTP GET Request and HTTP POST Request. It is the type of request generally sent from the client to the server. The communication itself usually takes place on top of TCP/IP using default port of 80.

The request itself is represented by an URL. It is typed in any medium acts a tool for sending the request normally a web browser so that the request an be received by the associated web server. Just for now, the two types of request is going to be briefly explained. As mentioned before, those requests are :

1. HTTP GET Request. It is a HTTP request type used to fetch an existing resource. It is a request given to the server from a client which is specified in the form of an URL. The URL itself is describing the location of the resource needed to be found. If in the end the resource is found, the server will provide a response to the client in form of the resource found which is requested by client.

2. HTTP POST Request. It is a HTTP request type used to create a new resource. It is a request given to the server from a client which is also specified in the form of an URL. Since it is an HTTP request type used for creating a new resource, it will carry an additional data which is holding the attribute needed for creating that new resource.


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