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Pycharm is an IDE which can be used for Python programming language as we can actually see from its name which is started with “Py”. Definitely it is an utility which helps Python programmer develop their application based on python programming language. Pycharm is an IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) developed by JetBrains. They claim it as a Python IDE for Professional Developers.

Below is details on installing Pycharm IDE in Ubuntu 16.04. I am using the Pycharm Community Edition in the installation. Basically, the installation itself involves downloading and extracting freemind and placing it in /opt directory. Below are the steps and details of the installation :

  1. Download PyCharm IDE in the following link.

Please select the operating system where you will install the IDE with the available selection of Windows, OS X and Linux.  We can also choose the type of license of the PyCharm IDE which are available in either Professional license or Community one.

  1. In this article, we are going to choose the Linux Community version of Pycharm.  By clicking the Download link available in the download page we will retrieve the installation file of Pycharm, in my context the Linux Community version.  This is the  URL link .
  1. Move the already downloaded Pycharm installation file. The installation file of Pycharm that I has already fully retrieved is pycharm-community-2016.1.2.tar.gz. In this article, I choose /opt as the destination folder of Pycharm IDE installation.
  1. Since the installation of Pycharm is a compression file in tar.gz format, after moving it to the folder of the destination’s installation, we have to extract it first by executing the following command :

Extract the already downloaded file with the following command :

tar –xzvf file_installer_in_tar_gz_format
*parameter x stands for extract
* parameter z stands for zip which filter the archive through gzip utility
* parameter v stands for verbose and it is command parameter for displaying the output verbosely
* parameter f stands for file which is for the name of the compressed file .
username@hostname:~ $cd /opt
tar -xzvf pycharm-community-2016.1.2.tar.gz
  1. After extracting the file by executing the above command which is actually do not need any further installation, we can type the following command to execute the program :
username@hostname:~/opt$cd pycharm-community-2016.1.2
username@hostname:~/opt/pycharm-community-2016.1.2$cd bin/
  1. It will then display the following splash screen :


The progress of splash screen to the time of the application shown to be displayed :


  1. Below is the display of the application when the splash screen already finished loading :


  1. Click the link Create New Project, it will then display the following display  :


  1. Click Button Create to begin creating New Project. It will then display the following IDE default editor display :



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