How to Install Genymotion Desktop Emulator for Android in Linux Ubuntu 18.04

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This is an article that has a specific content for showing how to install Genymotion in Linux Ubuntu 18.04. In the context of thsi article, Genymotion refers to the Genymotion Desktop version. Briefly, it is an application with a specific purpose. According to the information given from the search result, Genymotion is actually an easy-to-use Android emulator that has been designed to help app developers test their products within a safe, virtual environment. By using Genymotion, running the application is possible in an emulated Android environment, in which you can test what you need to, as if it were running on an actual device.

Installation Step

After the introduction above, the following are steps for installing Genymotion in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 :

1. First of all, download the file installer of Genymotion Desktop. At the time this writing is done, it is still available in the following link. Apparently, in order to download the file, there is a need to login first to be able to do it. The following is the display of the page for downloading Genymotion Desktop emulator for android :

2. Just choose the suitable version with the operating system to download the right installer file of Genymotion Desktop. After successfully downloading the file, execute the following command to install the applicationĀ  :

user@hostname:~$ ./genymotion-3.0.3-linux_x64.bin 
Installing for current user only. To install for all users, restart this installer as root.

Installing to folder [/home/user/genymotion]. Are you sure [y/n] ? y

- Trying to find VirtualBox toolset .................... OK (Valid version of VirtualBox found: 5.2.32_Ubuntur132056)
- Extracting files ..................................... OK (Extract into: [/home/user/genymotion])
- Installing launcher icon ............................. OK

Installation done successfully.

You can now use these tools from [/home/user/genymotion]:
 - genymotion
 - genymotion-shell
 - gmtool

(base) user@hostname:~$ 

The step is very simple. It is just a simple character of ./ and the following of it is the name of the file installer. The process will go through by choosing the path of the folder installation of Genymotion Desktop android emulator.

3. After finishing the previous step for the installation, just execute the command ‘genymotion’ to start the android emulator. The Genymotion Desktop android emulator will appear in the following image :


Depend on the version and the condition whether it is a first time execution or not, the image will be very different. Finally, after the image above appear, the Genymotion Desktop android emulator is ready for further usage.

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