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Phabricator is considered as tool used for helping to ease the software development process. It has several similar feature with Redmine, Trello and any other softwares out there which has the same purpose.

After using it for several times, in creating a new user, fortunately Phabricator has a feature which can be used to do it via command line.

Since the process of creating user account via GUI got stuck because it is assumed that the e-mail verification on the step didn’t worked out since the Phabricator has already configured locally without any internet connection, creating a new user is performed with an executed command in a bash prompt. Below is the example of the execution :

1. Login to the Phabricator server, whether it can be done directly to its physical or remotely done.

2. After successfully login to the Phabricator server, look out for the Phabricator folder installation. In the previous installation, the path is located in /opt/phabricator.

3.  Execute the following command to create a new account :


This is an example of the command execution which has been performed before with different scenarios depend on the need or the criteria of the user which is going to be created.

[user@hostname phabricator]# ./bin/accountadmin
Enter a username to create a new account or edit an existing account.

Enter a username:tommy
There is no existing user account 'tommy'.
Do you want to create a new 'tommy' account? [Y/n] Y

Enter user real name: Tommy Lee Jones

Enter user email address:

Enter a password for this user [blank to leave unchanged]:

Is this user a bot? [y/N] N

Should this user be an administrator? [y/N] y


Username tommy
Real Name Tommy Lee Jones
Password Updated
Bot N N
Admin N Y

Save these changes? [Y/n] Y

Saved changes.
[user@hostname phabricator]#

In the above entry, the decision to create a normal user or administrator relies on the answer given in one of the question given in the user create process.

The difference can be shown in the Phabricator Dashboard accessed. There are some features which doesn’t appear such as People for normal user as shown in the image below :

Create a New User from Phabricator
Phabricator Dashboard for Normal User

On the other hand, this is a dashboard from administrator account in Phabricator :

Create a New User from Phabricator
Phabricator Dashboard for Administrator

The most important thing is choosing the type of the user whether it is a normal user or administrator as shown in the above user create process. Another option is to specify whether the user which is going to be created is a bot or not. A bot user account normally used for repetitive activity or task which has already have a pattern defined.  So in order to have an account based on need, type the correct input for every question asked in the above user create process.

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