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BPM which is stands for Business Process Management is a field in operations management that focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing a company’s business processes. It is a definition which is defined in Wikipedia.

By all means, it is a field which focuses on defining business processes exists in an organization so it can be optimized effectively and efficiently.

To be able to define those processes from the existing business process available in certain organization, we need tools to design, to model and even to re-engineer or redesign, remodel certain business processes for the sake of optimizing business process effectively and efficiently.

Bonita is a utility which is used to create design and model and declared itself as the most powerful BPM-based application platform.

We are going to present the steps installation of BPM as follows :

  1. Go to the Bonita official website. Based on the date of this article was posted in 3rd April 2016, it can be accessed in the following link .
  2. Download the community version in the download link based on the date of this article was posted in 3rd April 2016. It will need you to join by creating new account. After logging in we can be able to get to the download link.
  3. The downloaded Bonita installer for the one I use is In my case, I use Ubuntu Linux Distribution.
  4. Execute the installer file by moving it into the installer folder installation. In my case, I copy it into /opt folder.
  5. Below is the installation process in detail :
  6. Execute the following command to run the Bonita installation program :
  1. It will generate the following installation dialog box as follows :


  1. Just select your own language preference for the installation process. There are several languages preferences in Bonita BPM Community version 7.1.5, including English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese and Russian. Just click the Ok button after finishing select your installation language preference.
  2. The next step is the beginning of the installation process which is displaying the dialog box Setup of Bonita BPM Community software :

Just click the Next button to continue on the installation process.


  1. The next process is the license agreement part. The dialog box ‘s display is a bit mess and it cannot be resized in my installation step but it can be viewed as follows :


  1. In order to proceed the installation process, we have to select the first radio button laid on the dialog box installation above. There are two radio buttons. The first one is the first radio button which can be selected if we want to accept the license agreement and proceed the installation process. The latter is the second radio button which can be selected if we want to stop the installation process. We can conclude it as is since the label in the first radio button contains keyword I accept…” and the latter is “I do” which we can assume that the full text label is “I do not accept…” .


  1. To proceed the installation process, click button Next after choosing the “I accept …” radio button. It will display the following dialog box :


  1. The above step is about selecting the Installation Directory of Bonita BPM Community. Click and select the folder for further installation step’s process as follows :


I choose the /opt folder to be the installation’s destination of Bonita BPM Community version 7.1.5. Click the Ok button.

  1. The installation process’s step can be proceed by clicking the Next button as follows :


  1. We will be facing the following dialog box to continue on the installation process :


  1. Click button Next as the above dialog box shows. We have select all of the configuration parameters which is needed to begin the installation process as stated in the above dialog box.
  1. Below is the information process which is displayed in an installation dialog box :



  1. If the installation process is already succeed, it will display the following dialog box asking whether if we want to retrieve the data which is extracted from the previous Bonita BPM Community as follows :
  1. After executing the Next button in the above dialog box’s installation process, the installation process of Bonita BPM Community will initializing the Workspace for the already installed Bonita BPM Community as stated in the image below :


  1. If the initialization of the workspace is succeed then the installation process of Bonita BPM Community version 7.1.5 is finished.


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