JQuery Error Message missing ) after argument list

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This is an article which is discussing an error triggered as shown in the title of the article. The error message is ‘missing ) after argument list’. The error message itself is retrieved from a display in a plugin added and installed in a Web Browser which in this context is Firebug. The plugin itself, the plugin named ‘Firebug’ is installed in Mozilla Firefox.

There is still a deep connection with several articles since it is related on finding a way to declare an associative array variable. The errors are the one which is becoming the main differentiation between one article with the other. To see what kind of error messages triggered in terms of the effort taken to aim for declaring an associative array variable correctly just visit these articles.

The first one is an article titled ‘JQuery Error Message expected expression got ‘>’’ which exist in this link. The other one is an article titled JQuery Error Message invalid arrow-functions arguments’ and it can be visited in this link. And another article titled ‘JQuery Error Message missing: after property id’ is in this link to be seen.

The main effort of those articles and also the current article are how to present a current way for declaring an associate array variable using Javascript. Below is the actual error message which is triggered upon declaring the associate array variable shown in the following image :

JQuery Error Message missing ) after argument list
JQuery Error Message missing ) after argument list

The snippet code which is generating error message is shown in the following detail :

var $db_list = new Array("1":"PostgreSQL","2":","MySQL","3":"Microsoft SQL Server");

To be able to correct the error message, just state the associate array variable without having to use Array class for instantiating an object of Array and then pass it to the associative array variable itself. Just do it with the following declaration follows :

var $db_list = {"1":"PostgreSQL","2":","MySQL","3":"Microsoft SQL Server"};

The declaration of the associative array variable above consists of several entity where every entity is separated by the sign “:”. And each entity’s key and value is separated by the sign “,”.

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