Creating EJB Project in Eclipse Mars 2

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Eclipse version                  : Mars 2

Creating an Empty EJB Project in Eclipse Mars 2

There are several types of project which can be chosen in Eclipse IDE. In  this context, I am using Eclipse Mars 2. Below is the step which is used to create an empty EJB project :

  1. Run the Eclipse IDE first. And access the following menu

Window > Show View > Package Explorer

Displaying menu Window > Show View in one of the menu available in Eclipse Java IDE.
  1. The next step is to create New Project which is shown as follows :

Click the menu which is displayed in the above New  > Other …

Accessing menu New > Project to create a new Project in Eclipse Java IDE.

  1. By doing the step in the third one, it will then appear the following window :
Displaying the New Window to select the available project which can be selected in Eclilpse Java IDE.
  1. In the above window, scroll down and select EJB Project as shown below :
Selecting the EJB Project wizard which is available in New Project Window. It is displayed after accessing menu New > Project in Eclipse Java IDE.
  1. From the above Window click the Next button as shown below :
Displaying the New EJB Project Window which exists in Eclipse Java IDE.

Fill the Project Name, in this article it is filled with EJBCalculatorTest. Click Next to proceed on creating the EJB Project.

  1. The following window is used to display the EJB Project’s folder target for source code as shown below :
Selecting the source folder for the New Project created in Eclipse Java IDE.
  1. Click the Next button to proceed on creating the EJB Project so it will appear the following window :
Next step on creating New EJB Project in Eclipse Java IDE. Setting the EJB Client Jar file for the New EJB Project.
  1. Click the Finish button, so the process of creating an EJB project is finished. So, we will have the following display of empty EJB project named EJBCalculatorTest in the context of this article which has been created in the Package Explorer pane as follows :
Display the currently created EJB Project in Project Explorer pane inside Eclipse Java IDE.

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