What is npm and the explanation

This is an article which is going to describe about what is npm and another several additional explanations on the npm itself.

What is npm ?

It is told that npm stands for Node Package Manager. In this context, npm is actually one of its function is a tool for Javascript developers for managing Javascript libraries, assets, frameworks. Some other claims that npm is a dependency manager for packages needed by a certain web application project. It is considered as the default package manager for Javascript runtime environment Node.js.

How to use npm ?

To be able to use npm, a command line interface is definitely needed. A CLI (Command Line Interface) is actually an interface for executing command in the command line or bash prompt such as a terminal. So, the command itself is typed into a bash prompt in a command line interface’s environment. But first of all, make sure that npm is already installed.

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How to initialize bower in a Web Application

This is another article related about bower as a web application dependency manager for adding and installing needed package for the web application itself. So, how to initialize bower  in a web application ?. There are

1. Install bower. It can be read by referring in the following article titled ‘How to Install bower with Example via Command Line’ in this link.

2. After successfully installing bower, check from the command prompt whether the command ‘bower’ can be executed from the command line.

3. If the command ‘bower’ can be executed in the command line, just execute the following command in the command console :

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How to Install bower with Example via Command Line

This is an article for specifically describe how to install bower with an example and it is done by executing command in the command line. In order to install bower below are steps which is needed to be done early :

1. Install npm (node package manager). To check whether npm has already installed, just type the following command in the command line or bash prompt :

user@hostname:/var/www/html$ npm

Usage: npm 

where  is one of:
    access, add-user, adduser, apihelp, author, bin, bugs, c,
    cache, completion, config, ddp, dedupe, deprecate, dist-tag,
    dist-tags, docs, edit, explore, faq, find, find-dupes, get,
    help, help-search, home, i, info, init, install,
    install-test, issues, it, la, link, list, ll, ln, login,
    logout, ls, outdated, owner, pack, ping, prefix, prune,
    publish, r, rb, rebuild, remove, repo, restart, rm, root,
    run-script, s, se, search, set, show, shrinkwrap, star,
    stars, start, stop, t, tag, team, test, tst, un, uninstall,
    unlink, unpublish, unstar, up, update, upgrade, v, verison,
    version, view, whoami

npm  -h     quick help on 
npm -l           display full usage info
npm faq          commonly asked questions
npm help   search for help on 
npm help npm     involved overview

Specify configs in the ini-formatted file:
or on the command line via: npm  --key value
Config info can be viewed via: npm help config

npm@3.5.2 /usr/share/npm

2. Install bower.

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What is bower and the explanation

What is Bower ?

Bower is actually labeled as a package manager. It is used to manage anything which is considered as part of website components in the form of libraries, assets, frameworks, utilities among the others. For an example, it can library such as JQuery, JQuery plugins and then assets like Bootstrap CSS or even framework such as Javascript Framework like Angular.  It is actually quite helpful since it is fetching and downloading packages needed from certain location by looking for it, searching the right one and finally downloading it to the host where it needed. It can be a burden to do it as a repetitive task where bower handle all the cycle of doing it so it can be very helpful.

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