How to show Local Git Repository Configuration

This is an article where the purpose of the writing is defined in the title of this article which is informing on how to show local git repository configuration. Showing the configuration of the existing local git repository configuration is very useful. The usage among of the other is retrieving the information of the user which is used to communicate with another say for an example a remote git repository.

Below is the command which can be performed in order to list or to display the git local repository configuration :

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How to Initialize a Local Git Repository

This article is specifically written for a Git section article because the focus of this article is solely on the usage of a Git utility where the main purpose is stated in the title of the article. It is specifying on how to initialize a local Git repository.

There are two scenarios which can be happened in the real situations. It is classified as both using an empty folder or a folder with the content already available. Below are those descriptions :

1. Initializing Local Git Repository in an empty folder :

It starts with creating a new folder named ‘git-folder’ and then the command responsible for initializing it will be executed as follows :

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Git Cheat Sheet Command Page

Initialize an empty repository with either an empty folder or an already filled folder.

git init

Add files or folders to be committed

git add .

Commit files or folders

git commit -m "Commit Message"

Add Git Repository Address

git remote add remote_git_repository_name remote_git_repository_url_address

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