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This article is actually quite relevant with the previous article which has already made titled ‘Create a New User from Phabricator‘ . It is done by executing the same command or tool available from Phabricator. And another similar thing is creating user or  editing user with the tool available from Phabricator, both of it can be done in command line.

Especially if the Phabricator GUI Dashboard cannot be accessed, it is offline, the user account’s password is changed or has already forgotten unintentionally, this is the proper tool to recover the account by editing it.

1. Just login to the Phabricator Server either locally or remotely.

2. Go to the Phabricator’s installation folder. In this article it is located in /opt/phabricator

3. Execute and type the following command in the bash prompt :


This is a sample of edit user process using the above command :

[user@hostname phabricator]$ ./bin/accountadmin
Enter a username to create a new account or edit an existing account.

Enter a username: thomas
There is an existing user account 'thomas'.
Do you want to edit the existing 'thomas' account? [Y/n] Y

Enter user real name [Thomas Alfa Edison]: Thomas Alfa Edison
Enter a password for this user [blank to leave unchanged]:

Is this user a bot? [y/N] N

Should the primary email address be verified? [y/N] N

Should this user be an administrator? [y/N] y


Username thomas thomas
Real Name Thomas Alfa Edison Thomas Alfa Edison
Password Unchanged
Bot N N
Verify Email N N
Admin N Y

Save these changes? [Y/n] Y

Saved changes.
[user@hostname phabricator]$

In the above user edit process, it is clearly stated that a normal user can be escalated into an administrator type of user by only executing the above command which is performed to edit that user.

Basically all of the information which is asked in the edit user process can be changed starting from the username, real name even the password and also the most interesting part is the type of user whether it is admin or not.

So, this tool is helpful in a condition when the password has already been forgotten, especially if the admin type user cannot be accessed to perform required administrator task in Phabricator.

For the final remakr, just use it wisely.


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