How to Check Server Serial Number in Linux via Command Line

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As the title of this article informs, the information in the article relates on how to check the server’s serial number. In order to check the serial number of a server, just type a certain command in the command line. The command is generally available in every common Linux operating system distribution. If there is a condition where a direct contact to the server is impossible, just remote the server to check the serial number. Every server has its own serial number. Normally, it exist as a label attached in the server.  But sometimes, the label is not available in any part of the physical server and it is impossible to see it. So, if it is not possible to access the server directly in contact, just access the server remotely.

Without further explanation, below are steps to check the server’s serial number :

1.  Access the server remotely.

A common method for accessing a Linux operating system distribution remotely is by using ‘ssh’ tool command.The command pattern to remote server using ‘ssh’ command :

ssh user@ip_address

For an example :

user@hostname:~$ ssh's password:
Last login: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[user@hostname ~]#

2.  After successfully access the server remotely, just type the suitable command in the command line.

Below is the command pattern to accomplish the task :

dmidecode -t system | grep Serial

For an example :

[root@hostname ~]# dmidecode -t system | grep Serial
       Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXX
[root@hostname ~]#

Basically, it is very easy to execute the command. Moreover, the execution of the above command is a success in Ubuntu Linux operating system distribution. Precisely, the execution of the command is done in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver.  Actually, although the execution of the above example is a success in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, the command itself is compatible with every command Linux operating system distribution. Just try to execute the command by typing it in the command line.

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