How to Change Hostname in Linux Ubuntu Operating System using Command Line

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This article contains information about how to change hostname in Linux Ubuntu operating system. There are several ways for changing the hostname of a machine powered by Ubuntu Linux operating system. One of the available method is using a specific command. The command line interface will be the place for the command execution. Just type the command in the command line interface. This article will highlight the usage of a command in the command line for changing the hostname of a machine where Ubuntu Linux is the operating system.

Using ‘hostname’ command to change the hostname of a machine

The following is an example of a command execution in the command line using Linux Ubuntu 19.04 :

1. Check the current hostname. Just type ‘hostname’ in the command line as follows:

To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo ".
See "man sudo_root" for details.

user@localhost:~$ hostname

According to the output above, the hostname is ‘localhost’. Just continue on to the next step to change it :

2. Next, for executing the ‘hostname’ command, it need a super user privilege. So, in order to have the privilege to execute the ‘hostname’ for changing the hostname, switch to root account or root user. Do the following command¬† in the command line as follows :

user@localhost:~$ sudo su –
[sudo] password for user:
root@localhost:~# hostname myserver

3. Furthermore, don’t forget to re-execute the ‘hostname’ command. But the ‘hostname’ command execution in this step is different.¬† In this time, there is an additional argument as the new hostname. Put the argument after the ‘hostname’ command so it will act as a parameter that will replace the old hostname. The following is the execution of the ‘hostname’ command with an additional parameter :

root@localhost:~# hostname myserver

4. Finally, in order to implement or to see the change, open a new terminal. In other way, create a new tab of the terminal by using Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut. The hostname exist in the command prompt line in the terminal will change into a new one as follows :


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