How to Update WordPress Manually

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The main purpose for writing this article is mainly for updating the web page using wordpress manually. By doing it, it can also serve as a means for solving the problem whenever an update process failed. The update process itself suddenly stop in the middle of the execution. It turns out that accessing the web is also end in failure. The following is the image upon accessing the web admin page :

Solution steps

The following steps are for updating the version of the wordpress manually  in order. It consists of two parts. The first part is the preparation section and the latter one is the execution process. Without further explanation, the following section is the preparation section in brief :

Preparation section

1. Download manually the latest wordpress source code to the root folder of the website. Normally, it is available in this link.

2. Please disable all of the plugins. Fortunately, before the wp-admin page is completely unaccessible, there is still one active page for displaying it. From this page, disabling all the plugins is possible.

3. Create a new folder in the root folder. Take a random name for the folder but please remember it as a temporary folder for extracting the source code wordpress. For an example of follow :

root@hostname:/var/www/html/my-web$ mkdir source

4.  Create a new file with the name index.html. It is a temporary file for presenting an information to the user accessing the web page. It is a message for informing that the web is currently is not functioning properly. For an example :

root@hostname:/var/www/html/my-web$ touch index.html

Edit the file and add the following line just enough for giving a short information about the non-functioning website. The following is an example of it :

<h1>Currently, the website is under maintenance and is not accessible. </h1>

5. Refresh the page and make sure that the website main page is currently displaying the message above.

Execution process

1.  Create another new folder in the root folder. It specifically for moving the old folder of the currently running web page using the wordpress framework. Name it randomly but remember to consider it as the container of the old source.

root@hostname:/var/www/html/my-web$ mkdir old

2. After that, move the old folder wp-admin and wp-includes which exist in the root folder. Move it to the created folder as in the fourth step.

root@hostname:/var/www/html/my-web$ mv -vf wp-admin wp-includes old/

3. Replace the wp-admin and wp-includes by copying it from the created folder in the third step to the root folder.

root@hostname:/var/www/html/my-web$ mv -vf source/wp-admin source/wp-includes .

4. Copy and replace the old wp-content in the root folder with the one exist in the source folder.

root@hostname:/var/www/html/my-web$ cp -rvf source/wp-content/ wp-content/

5. Finally, access the admin page. The following page will appear :

6. Don’t forget to click the button for updating the wordpress database. If the process is a success, the following image of the page will appear :

7. Click the Continue button as in the above image shows, it will redirect the page to the admin page of the webpage.

8. After successfully access the admin page. Don’t forget to reactivate all of the available plugins.

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