How to List Docker Volume in Microsoft Windows

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This is an article which is focusing on a specific content about Docker Volume. As for the focus, it is on the topic of how to list a docker volume in Microsoft Windows. Actually, before the process to execute a certain command for listing available docker volume in the local device s possible, it is important to have a specific requirements or list of prerequisites to be fulfilled. Those requirements or prerequisites exist as follows :

  1. The availability of a running Docker Desktop service. If it does not exist, just install it first. For installing Docker Desktop, just read ‘How to Install Docker Desktop in Microsoft Windows‘ as a reference. In other words, just manage to have Docker Desktop in the device.

  2. Not only having a Docker Desktop installed in the device, but make sure that the Docker Desktop Service is running.

  3. Last, make sure the docker tool command is available in the command line interface which in this context it is the Command Prompt. Just check the article ‘How to Execute Docker Command in Microsoft Windows‘ for more details.

How to List Docker Volume in Microsoft Windows

After the preparation, just execute the command for listing the docker volume. Below are the steps for doing that :

  1. In the first step, just execute the Command Prompt since it is the command line interface in the device running using Microsoft Windows as its operating system :

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22000.1335]
    (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. In that Command Prompt above, just execute the command for listing docker volume as follows :

    C:\Users\Personal>docker volume ls
    local myvolume

    So, the command for listing docker volume is very simple. Just type ‘docker volume ls’. Using that command, the execution for listing docker volume above is a success. Apparently, at the moment, there is only one volume available. It is a volume with the name of ‘myvolume’.

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